Better than more expensive flip cost estimator programs

Hi Don,

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the rehab offer calculator, especially for the price!

I have purchased several nationally advertised rehab estimating software products at higher prices and I think your calculator tops them all.  It is investor friendly, especially for the newer investor.  The format aids a new or experienced investor in going through a property and providing an excellent list of items to inspect for and with simple ‘yes/no’ responses, you develop your estimated rehab costs in one step.   While prices of materials and labor may vary in different regions, I find your materials and labor costs to be “real world” and I like the ability to go in and adjust, if needed, to match my local costs.

I am also impressed with the customer service.   Your quick email response to questions blew me away!  Thanks again for a great product.

Best regards,

Tim L.

Tri-Cities Investments, Inc.

NE Tennessee


Endorsed by Experienced House Flippers

The Rehab Offer Calculator is an exceptional tool to have.

It provides upfront vital information necessary in evaluating a property for rehab or investment often overlooked.  All of this by the end of your initial property walk through.

It’s that simple. As a Rehabber myself I am very glad I have this calculator, it delivers quick vital numbers and saves me a great deal of time.I strongly recommend it to any beginner or seasoned real estate investor or rehabber.

Thank you!


Ed. Segarra


Brandywine Investments LLC


Remodeling Contractor’s Comments

The Rehab Offer Calculator is a fantastic, inexpensive alternative to the Construction Cost estimating programs I’ve used….and none of those include a maximum cash offer price or cash flow calculation.  I’d strongly recommend it for any real estate investor buying fixer upper houses.

Randy Gibson

Gibson General Contracting

Lakewood, Ohio