Here are Screenshots that Illustrate How the Excel based Rehab Offer Calculator house flipping software works

Maximum Offer Price and Actual Offer Price Calculators

These calculators appear on the first spreadsheet and use the data that you’ve entered to tell you the maximum price you should offer for the property in its current condition and what your profit or net rental income will be based on the actual offer you make on the house (either lower or higher than the maximum suggested price).


Room by Room Data Input

A sheet is included for the Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room, Kitchen, 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.  There’s also a sheet for all exterior and mechanicals.  Although the data entry is complete to allow for an accurate repair estimate – it’s easy.  You can work your way thru a single family home in about 30 minutes.  And you don’t need any construction or estimating knowledge – make choices from drop down boxes or enter easy measurements (i.e. sq ft).


Budget by Contractor and Room

Repair breakdowns by Contractor and by Room are automatically compiled.  The Budget by Contractor sheet also includes an area to input actual contractor costs – and automatically calculates the variance.

Materials and Labor Costs

Complete Materials and Labor costs sheets are included – and you can change any cost at will and that cost will be automatically updated throughout the Rehab Offer Calculator.  A Materials List is also automatically generated and has cells to input paint colors, door sizes and other information you’ll need when you go materials shopping.