Fix,Flip and Lose?

Housing statistics from one of the real estate market's peak years (2006) show that 26% of all house flippers in the United States lost money...and their average LOSS was $16,813.67.

The #1 reason house flippers lose money is failure to estimate, track & control repairs and other expenses accurately.

My Excel House Flip Calculator gives you the ability to build a detailed repair cost estimate for any fix and flip house in less than 30 minutes.

No construction knowledge is required, input is straightforward and easy - in many cases, a drop down box choice. Automatically calculates the maximum offer price based on your estimate of the after repaired value & desired profit AND the estimated cash flow in case you have to rent the house flip. Put a detailed cost estimate together for any fix and flip house in about 1/2 hr...also includes breakdowns by room, contractor, materials, and labor.